‘Bach in Madrid’ at DOCUTAH. A great festival for documentaries!

'Bach in Madrid' by Jose del Rio at DOCUTAH
‘Bach in Madrid’ by Jose del Rio at DOCUTAH

The mission of the DOCUTAH International Film Festival is to inspire a global human connection through documentary films.


Filmmaker Jose del Rio at DOCUTAH
Filmmaker Jose del Rio at DOCUTAH

DOCUTAH isn’t just a film festival…it’s a five day PARTY and every complementary event is one not to be missed. Documentary films engage minds and have the potential to both entertain and educate . Categories such as music, environment and art speak EVENT and Festival planners therefore create more than just a film festival. They create an experience encompassing the film makers, Festival attendees and DSU students.


Documentary. Bach in Madrid by Jose del Rio in DOCUTAH

Tirabeque Producciones team
Tirabeque Producciones team

During 8 years, the orchestra and choir of La Capilla Real de Madrid, played the integral of J.S. Bach’s Cantatas and sacred works in Madrid (Spain). It was a huge challenge, never made outside Germany. We’re talking about a work of enormous dimensions: two hundred Cantatas, two Passions, Motets, Masses, and Oratorios.

Jose del Rio was interested in this great musical adventure and he was following the different concerts of The Royal Chapel for more than two years: Baroque instruments, old churches and 600 musicians and singers all around the world.

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